Is Becoming an RPA Developer a Good Idea in 2022?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an incredibly valuable asset for businesses as we stride towards a more technologically reliant business world. It allows employees to free up their time of mundane and repetitive tasks, by automating them. Once employees have more free time from these tasks, they are able to utilize their time into more value producing actions. Furthermore, studies have shown that automation can improve the mental health of employees by removing the aspects of their jobs that they really do not enjoy.

Despite this, is it worthwhile starting a career as an RPA Developer in 2022? Let’s consider some points which you may want to take on board when considering whether this is the right career path for you:

Demand of RPA

There is a general perception that RPA can cause job losses as it replaces human work. In reality, this isn’t true and will infact create jobs going forward as demand for RPA grows. We foresee the demand for experts and RPA developers skyrocketing in the coming years as it is further adopted.

Currently due to the demand of RPA developers, the average developer is earning around $105,000 in the US and £45,000 in the UK. The salaries that an RPA developer can demand will likely increase as the benefits from RPA grow and the demand for bringing in entire RPA based teams increases over time.

What Role would you consider?

There are a variety of roles within the area of RPA which you could establish your career in. Firstly, there is a primary RPA developer who will create the core automation processes within an RPA platform. Then, you could be a process designer for a business who creates/designs the plan of action for the developer to follow. Alternatively, many businesses will soon require a project manager to go through the process of projects being automated, and handhold the processes from start to finish.

Clearly there is a variety of potential careers within the area of Robotic Process Automation.

Putting your knowledge into practice

There is a very wide variety of benefits an RPA developer can bring to the table. Furtheremore, they can bring these benefits to a wide variety of industries. This means that a career in RPA provides a broad spectrum of options for developers. This means that you have the ability to cherry pick the industries which interest you the most. Whether that be finance, insurance, healthcare or something else. There are a myriad of options out there.

Benefits of a Career in RPA Development

A career in RPA Development allows you to join a growing business area, which provides a stable and growing salary over time. Despite the high salary opportunities, becoming an RPA Developer does not have an overly high understanding threshold. This means that it is quite widely open to many individuals, and there isn’t a high barrier of entry.

RPA as a general statement is quite simple to get to grips with and then obtain a career in it. There are a wide vareity of different jobs and industries you can work in. Many people will really appreciate the variety of choice in this career path.

How to start a career as an RPA Developer?

If you have decided that you wish to have a career as an RPA Developer, the next stage is actually getting a job in the industry of your choosing. The first step is of course to learn the skills necessary to become an RPA Developer. One option here would be to take a few courses on a platform such as Udemy. Secondary to this is deciding on an RPA platform to specialise in. Some of the main options are as follows:

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • BluePrism

You could also look to get a certification in one of these RPA tools as well. This will likely greatly aid your search for a job as an RPA Developer. In order to improve your knowledge in these areas as well, many of the tools provide online contests and hackathons to challenge yourself.

Once you are confident with all of the above, it is time to start looking for roles. To some extent, getting a job is a combination of having the right skill, but also being the right person for the job. More often than not businesses are looking for certain personalities which will get on well with their current employees, and integrate well within the team.


Hopefully you now are now clear on whether it is a good idea to start a career as an RPA Developer in 2022. Furthermore, if you still think that this career path is exactly for you, you will know the plan of action in order to get a job in this area. If you have any further doubts about your career path as an RPA developer, then please feel free to leave a comment and get in contact with us and we can see how we can help.

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