We created an automated robot that enabled a financial services company to obtain some essential data on a daily basis and be made aware of any changes in this data between days.

Previous to us taking on this challenge, an individual at the firm had to manually scroll through 20 websites in order to extract the necessary data. This would take them approximately 30 minutes in order to obtain the data and record it within excel. This data then had to be formatted in a certain way and exported to another company. All in all, this ended up being a 45-minute process, which meant the company only completed this task once per month. However, if there were intra-move movements, there were potentially costly ramifications.

Therefore, our automation implementation created a solution that completed all of the above processes on a daily basis within 3 minutes.

Est. Annual Time Saving: c. 190 hours

Est. Annual Cost Saving: c. £5,000

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