do you need to code to use rpa

3 Reasons You Do Not Need to Code to Use RPA

Something which can lead businesses to shun the idea of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the belief that you will need to learn to code to use it. The reality is that at best you might need some very limited programming skills. Even without any coding knowledge, you can still utilize RPA to an effective degree.

Do you need to know a coding language to use RPA? RPA does not require any specific coding language skill to be utilized. Some RPA platforms can be combined with a coding language (EG Python) to gain extra benefit. However, the vast majority of an RPA platform can be used without this knowledge.

The whole foundation of RPA has been set up in order to fulfill these main objectives:

  • Your average person can learn how to use it
  • Coding is not a necessary skill
  • Processes can be automated quickly and effectively

Most RPA systems are built on a foundation of just understanding the system that they use, and most importantly, understanding the process of which you are trying to automate. From the ground up these platforms have been built to appeal to a mass market and be easy to use. There are some highly complex tasks that may require the addition of programming languages, but these are likely to be niche requirements.

Do you need to know how to code to use RPA?

The short answer is that no, you do not need to know how to code to use RPA.

By having a platform that would require programming knowledge, companies are aware that this would require extra manpower. They would need to hire or outsource the knowledge to programmers to resolve any issues. This is why RPA can be so valuable to a company. Once an employee is comfortable with the system, the vast majority of issues can be resolved in-house by people who do not specialize in any coding languages.

There can be some seriously advanced RPA without the need for any coding at all. Part of the selling point of many RPA platforms is that they can complete advanced tasks without any custom programming whatsoever. One platform worth mentioning is Automation Anywhere, who really push forward the point of the ability to achieve a lot without the need for any programming knowledge.

I have no programming experience – can I use RPA?

Watch the video below for a useful answer:

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