Have you ever wanted to simplify your job, and improve your work-life balance? Learn how you can implement automation into your job and save yourself significant time with a simple learning process.

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What if you could make more time?

Time can be saved in many areas of most businesses. Small tasks here and there can amount to significant time savings throughout a week. If you could make thirty 1-hour time savings throughout a month, you will almost relieve yourself of a whole week of work each month.



Understanding how to implement Automation can be difficult. Especially when you have no experience in this technology. Many business owners and accountants do not know where to start when it comes to implementing it, and what exact benefits it can provide.

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Here at Solutionyst, I aspire to create a clear solution for your busy workload.

The reality is that Automation changed my life.

I started my career in the finance world. Repetitive report creation, checking, data input etc. I was bored and worn out. While the work wasn’t difficult, it left me with little time to step outside the box and really outperform in my role. That was until I randomly fell into learning a bit about the coding language, Python.

Step by step, I learnt how to automate little aspects of my role. They started of as small things, like downloading files on a daily basis. Instead of me going onto a portal, downloading, and distributing a report. My coding output was doing the job for me. Small 5 minute tasks here and there were compounding significantly over time.

The time saved, meant that I was under significantly less pressure at work. I was able to work my contracted hours (rather than at least 2 hours extra per day). Best of all, I was really enjoying creating these automated solutions and the trial and error nature of overcoming challenges.


Read about some of the benefits Automation/RPA has provided to businesses:

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