vRealize Orchestrator: OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when using the java Orchestrator client

This blogpost talks about how to solve the ‘OutOfMemory’ error that can occur when using the vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) client. There are blog posts that cover the steps needed to overcome this problem when you use the vRealize Orchestrator installable client (for example this one: www.definit.co.uk). However, this post will discuss the steps needed to solve the issue when the java downloadable client is used.
Note: these are the steps to increase the heap size for the client application and not for the vRO appliance itself (like discussed in this KB article: KB 2007423)!
When importing large workflow packages into vRO (my package was 18MB) or doing other memory intensive jobs, it is possible you get following error:


The problem can be solved by increasing the java heap space value in the client.jnlp file you downloaded from the vRO webpage on port 8281.

client shortcut

Right click the client icon and open it with a text editor (for example notepad or notepad++ like in the example below). In the file you will find following selected line:

client code

Modify the “-Xmx512m” value to increase the heap size of the application (but keep the current amount of memory of your workstation in mind).

This will allow the client application to use more memory of your workstation and will prevent the error. If you still get the error, repeat the above steps and increase the memory to a higher number.


Increasing the heap space of the vRO client application can solve the ‘out of memory’ exception. It is very easy to increase the heap space by just opening the client.jnlp and modify the ‘-Xmx’ value to the appropriate amount of megabytes.